Premium PVC Clean Green Carpet Belt
"As with the first one you sent us, tracking was solid from the start; no lag at power on; Thanks for a solid product and I will be ordering from you guys from this point out."
one of our satisfied customers

The Bandit Carpet Belt gives you the performance of the Clean Green Carpet Belt without the top cover.  Some people prefer a fabric top carpet belt so we developed The Bandit to be the best carpet belt available without a cover.  Non-directional, long lasting, durable finger splice, and without the PVC that needs to be cleaned.  If you prefer the white or silver carpet belts to the Clean Green, then The Bandit will steal you away. 


The care and appearance of the pins at your business is your livelihood. Why not treat them to the best carpet belt you can buy and reduce light ball calls? 

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Premuim PVC Mean Green Carpet Belt INTERNET PRICE $138.00

Grey Grabber Dizzy Belt.  We took the long lasting, consistent grip of the grey super grip and made it into the longtime favorite shape of the black V groove. 

82-30 machines: $46.50

Black Groove Pin Distributor BeltBlack groove pin distributor belt. Laced on both ends and includes blue coated connecting rod. Available in both standard sizes. In stock and ready to ship.

82-30 machines: $40.00

Grey Super GripGrey Super Grip Pin Distributor BeltDon't let the light pattern fool you, this belt is designed for long lasting consistent grip.

82-30 machines: $40.00

Red GrabberRed Grabber Premium Pin Distributor Belt. The newest V groove surface for AMF pin setter machines. Special rubber compound for longer life and maximum grip. Temporarily out of stock.


Green Rhino
Green Rhino Pin Distributor. A superior pin distributor belt with super grip and tough skin for longer wear.


Positive Ball Lift Belt

Premium Ball Lift Belt.
  Non-marking, non-flaking belt with superior oil resistance.